About Me

I’m Maddi, hailing from the great southern land of Brisbane, Australia. After six months of turning up late to classes and skipping most lectures altogether, I decided that university just ain’t my jam and that my idea of fun lies somewhere outside the field of higher education (at least for now). Unfortunately I have what seems to be an incurable desire to see and do absolutely everything. So in November 2013 I headed off to Japan to work a ski season in the powder white winter wonderland of Niseko, and since then I’ve been blogging about my misadventures in the big wide world. I spent six months travelling solo through Southeast Asia, meeting some crazy people and getting up to some super fun stuff along the way. Eventually I ran out of money and had to come home, but I’m already planning my next adventure.

I suppose you could say this is now a “lifestyle” blog. (What does that even mean?) I like food and clothes and my friends and the fun times I have with them, and that’s probably the sort of thing I’ll be writing about. But don’t expect any pictures of fancy champagne brunches or an #ootd that sees me proudly showing off my new Givenchy bag because I ain’t ’bout that lyf. On this blog you can read about the weird and wonderful things I get up to and hopefully have a laugh in the process.

Love ya long time,


Me and a deer friend of mine.
My deer friend and I.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Maddi! I saw you started following the Fearless Travelers blog. I am trying to build it into a collaborative travel blog, where fellow travelers can share their stories and inspire others to do the same. I am looking for some other people who want to highlight their stories (and you know, get some more attention for your own blog). Let me know if you want to share a story or two on our blog. You can e-mail me, mike@fearlessleaderstravel.com.

  2. Hello!! Thanks for the follow…I see that you have been enjoying yourself in japan…I’m a big fan of japan myself..hope to hear more stories from you!! 🙂

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