Coming Home After Ten Months in Asia

Me and my stomping ground.
Me and my stomping ground.

Nine countries in ten crazy months all done and dusted! I know it might not seem like a long time, but part of me feels like I’ve been on this journey for years. I can’t believe in a couple of hours I’ll be checking in for my fifteenth flight of the year that will take me all the way home! Who would’ve thought I’d ever be back at all?! Asia has stolen a piece of my heart and it both excites and haunts me that my next meal won’t be eaten in a plastic chair on the side of a road somewhere with a dirty spoon. I feel incredibly lucky and very grateful to have seen and done the many exciting things this trip has brought my way. Our world is truly an amazing place and seeing even the small part of it that I have has been a very humbling experience. Massive hugs and thank you’s to the Niseko crew and to every insanely cool person that I met along the way in South East Asia. I have learnt and grown a lot this year, and it’s down to all of you. The lols, tears and hangovers I shared with you guys are what I will remember long after the memories of the beautiful places I’ve been have faded. I love and miss you all and can’t wait until we meet again. In the meantime, I’ll be busy planning my next big adventure! See you in the morning Brisbane!

I posted the above quote as my Facebook status the night before the morning I arrived back home. It got ninety nine likes and it is taking every fibre of my being to refrain from liking it myself to bring it up to one hundred. The shame.

So yes, long story short (which I will elaborate on soon), I have been home (yes, home!) from my great adventure for just over a month now. I’ve been neglecting my little blog for far too long so I thought I’d give my two cents on coming home even though I’VE NEVER FELT SO BORED IN MY WHOLE LIFE. 

It’s currently 2:07pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I am eating peanut butter toast in bed (sorry Dad). I woke up at 10am, still have my pyjamas on, and I probably won’t leave the house today. Since I’ve been home I’ve gotten up to speed on the current series of Big Brother, watched two seasons of Homeland, a lot of Seinfeld, and discovered a plethora of interesting YouTubers. I’ve read countless blogs and even downloaded a podcast to learn Spanish. Obviously I haven’t opened it, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Don’t get me wrong. The first four-ish days of being home were so wonderfully amazingly happy and fabulous. My friends and family made it so awesome. I got taken out to breakfast/lunch/dinner a few times, I got presents and my friends even threw me a surprise welcome home party, and I was genuinely surprised! I got to go clubbing and wear nice clothes and do all the fun things I missed about home.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_5299

But now that the excitement of coming home has completely faded, I have settled right back into my old boring Brisbane life. In so many ways, it really does feel like I never even left. I feel like my entire trip never happened, and that the last ten months were a series of events that I completely imagined.

Because I travelled alone (except for the characters I met along the way) none of my friends from home can really appreciate my stories. None of them were there, so there’s nobody to whom I can be like “Oi omg hahah remember that time in Vang Vieng when we were doing tiger shots in the rain and I kept thinking that Rhys’ name was Eric for some reason hahah omg and then my pants split while we were playing volleyball HAHAHAH GOOD TIMES”

The one friend who would understand that story. Who lives 12000km away.
The one crazy friend who would truly appreciate that story. Who lives 12000km away.

And for that reason, my whole trip just kind of exists inside my head. Sorry if this isn’t making a lot of sense, but it’s a concept that I’m struggling to put into words. I’m desperately trying to hold onto that travelling feeling. It’s some combination of the craziness of the full-moon party, the awe of seeing cherry blossoms in Kyoto, the culture shock of Taipei and the fierceness that comes with travelling alone. I am constantly looking at photos and reading old blog posts and re-living every moment in my mind, holding onto every memory for dear life. Already, I’ve hit the monotonous plateau of living life in one place.

It could be a lot worse.


2 thoughts on “Coming Home After Ten Months in Asia

  1. I understand completely! I’m due home this December, after spending a wonderful 9 months living and working in The Maldives. I’m excited for the reunion with family and friends. But after that… time to move someplace new.

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