Beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam


Hoi An is gorgeous. The buildings are all traditional old-school colonial architecture, with picturesque river and rice field backdrops. Its a sleepy little place compared to the madness of Ho Chi Minh. It’s possible to cross the road without fearing for one’s life, and the constant beeping and revving of cars and motorbikes seems to be magically drowned out by the beautiful surroundings. By night, the river is lit up by market stalls and the magnificent glow of hundreds of colourful lanterns. The smiley locals are always saying hello, striking up a charming little chat before inviting you to their tailoring shop, their friend’s bahn mi stand, their sister’s shoe shop, their aunt’s coffee shop, their brother’s motorbike taxi, their cousin’s day spa, their grandma’s pho stand and/or their best friend’s uncle’s internet café.

I’m aware the whole town is one giant tourist trap, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it.

IMG_3637 IMG_3652 IMG_3668 IMG_3670IMG_3682IMG_3695 IMG_3686 IMG_3619 IMG_3608 IMG_3714

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam

  1. You got some good photography skills, really like the way you are able to portrait Hoi An’s charm. Def one of my Top 5 places in SE Asia. (Mainly due to the INCREDIBLE local cuisine)…I still dream about Ban Xheo and White Rose from time to time…

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