Quad Biking Through a Sandstorm – Mui Ne, Vietnam

If I’m honest, Mui Ne is a dirty little resort town with an ugly beach and over-priced water sports. I met someone recently who spent eight days there. How on earth they managed that without driving themselves to insanity will forever be a mystery to me, because there is truly only one worthwhile thing to do – see the sand dunes.

To me, someone who’s never seen sand dunes before, I thought they were pretty cool. There’s two sites – the red dunes and the white dunes. Both of them seem to stretch on for miles and miles, and have soft pillowy sand that my feet instantly sunk into.

The red sand dunes are by far the more beautiful of the two. From the top of one of the rolling hills, you can see all the way out to the sea. You can also run down the dunes, flailing your arms like a maniac and having the time of your life.


A little further away, there’s a section of the dunes that is adjacent to a stream, which is surprisingly pretty.


The big attraction at the white dunes is not actually the dunes themselves, but the quad biking. This was SO cool and would have been SO fun if I didn’t have to experience it in the middle of a storm. The beautiful sand dune scene very quickly turned into a horribly dark grey sky, intermittently streaked with flashes of lightning. The weather turned chilly and the sprinkling of rain turned into a full on assault. Thunder cracked over the roaring motor of the quad, as we were stung by the pelting rain and whipped by the wind borne sand. I couldn’t see where I was driving, and too often I would find myself staring downwards to my possible death from the top of a stupidly steep dune. Half from pure joy and half from terror – I was screaming my head off the whole time.


Absolutely drenched and freezing. Still smiling!



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